Governors State of the States

The CONEG Governors have delivered their 2018 State of the State addresses. Highlights of the speeches are provided below including a word cloud illustrating the commonalities among the states.



Governor Dannel Malloy delivered his final state of the state on February 7, 2018 with a focus on “fairness.” Malloy cited the states progress on gun control and ending homelessness for veterans. Some of his outlined legislative priorities include healthcare, clean energy and lower carbon emissions, affordable housing, enhancing voter rights, equal pay for equal work, and ending sexual harassment. “Let us offer a beacon of hope to all these people fighting on the right side of fairness. We can hold fast to our common humanity. We can strive to be evermore inclusive, and evermore compassionate. We can stop the tides of prejudice and hate from washing away our progress and drowning our ideals. Our fight to build a more just and more equitable society can never be deterred,” said Malloy. Read the speech.

Governor Charlie Baker delivered his third state of the Commonwealth on January 23, 2018. Baker touted accomplishments in the opioid crisis, reducing homelessness, closing a $1 billion budget gap and without new taxes, and renewable energy to name a few. Governor Baker noted these achievements were not easy and more still needs to be done. He pledged to continue these efforts and called for more affordable housing, increasing the states reliance on renewable energy, announced the formation of a transportation commission to further solutions to transportation needs, commitment to protect the states 2006 healthcare law and push to fix the affordable care act. The governor concluded his speech stressing the importance of common decency and bipartisanship stating, “That doesn’t mean we always have to agree. We won’t. There are 200 members of this Legislature. Thousands of elected and appointed local officials. And millions of adults in this state who all have life experience and a point of view. Some of us will agree with each other most of the time. Some will agree some of the time. And some will never agree at all. That’s okay. That’s called ‘democracy’ and more often than not, it works.” Read the speech.

New Hampshire
Governor Chris Sununu delivered his state of the state on February 15, 2018. Sununu touted the states progress on lower taxes, regulatory reform, educational opportunities, and the opioid crisis. The governor called on lawmakers to continue to build on this progress. “We are at a critical point in our states future. Will we build upon the foundations we've laid, or will we let politics impede on progress? We've made great strides, but: We cannot let the negativity of Washington politics define who we are as Granite Staters. We cannot let up on our momentum,” said the governor. Read the speech.

New York
Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his eighth state of the state address on January 3, 2018 outlining a wide range of proposals including: woman’s rights; criminal justice reform; affordable housing; infrastructure; public transportation; public safety; voting reform; and education. Cuomo touted the states unprecedented progress and said, “We have also made historic investments in education, health care and economic development.” During his speech, Governor Cuomo indicated that New York will challenge the federal government in court over the new tax law, which he said was illegal and unconstitutional. The lawsuit is part of a three-point strategy for addressing the tax law that the governor outlined in his speech. Read the speech.

Rhode Island
Governor Gina Raimondo delivered her fourth state of the state January 16, 2018 and touted the states commitment to change and progress on creating a business friendly economy; the first offshore wind farm; the only state to teach computer science in all public schools; cutting the car tax and social security taxes; job training, recruitment and expansion of RI businesses; and rebuilding roads and bridges. Raimondo pledged to continue these initiatives. “We've come a long way, but we're only in about the third inning of our economic comeback. So tonight, I say: Let's keep going,” said Governor Raimondo. Read the speech.

Governor Phil Scott delivered his state of the state address on January 4, 2018 and focused on several major policy areas: education transformation; growing working-age population workforce expansion; continued investment in affordable housing and communities (downtowns/village centers); economic development aimed at expanding growth to all 14 counties; protecting resources and addressing impacts of climate change; healthcare; and combatting opioids. In closing his speech, Governor Scott remarked on the divisiveness in our culture today and asked for respect and comity. “Now I don't know when this period of hyper-partisanship and anger will end. But I do know we can't fight hate with hate, or anger with anger. We must do everything we can to pull our nation out of darkness and restore civility and respect to our public process.” Read the speech.