NEG/ECP Regional Climate Change Initiative

Stakeholder Input

Please use the following resources to provide comments on the options under consideration, propose additional actions to evaluate, and provide other perspectives to consider. There are two means to submit comments: a “suggestion box” and direct email to project staff representing each of the New England states.

When submitting comments, you are encouraged to utilize the suggestion box to ensure that your feedback will be accurately categorized and passed on to the correct subcommittee considering your topic.

As the individual state points of contact will also be working on other aspects of this project, we cannot guarantee that they will be able to respond to your comments and questions.

We appreciate your participation in this effort.

Suggestion Box 

Please visit the link above to provide general and topic-specific feedback on the process and the options under consideration. Comments must be received by April 10, 2017.

Points of Contact for New England States

Questions and comments coming from outside of New England should be directed to: Chris Skoglund at christopher.skoglund(at) or 603-271-7624.

If you are in New England, please submit comments and suggestions directly to state-agency staff by contacting the point of contact for your state. A list of state contacts is below.

To help organize the input that is received from stakeholders during this process, please include “NEG/ECP Climate Plan” in the subject line, and if relevant, please help us direct comments to the appropriate subcommittee(s) by indicating them in the subject line following the notation above (e.g., NEG/ECP Climate Plan – Transportation).


Keri Enright-Kato
Office of Climate Change, Technology, & Research
Bureau of Energy and Technology Policy
Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

(860) 827-2642


Katie Theoharides
Climate and Global Warming Solutions
Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs

(617) 626-1144


Nathan Robbins
Climate Change Specialist
Sustainability Division, Bureau of Land Resources
Department of Environmental Protection

(207) 592-6590


Chris Skoglund
Technical Services Bureau, Climate & Energy Program
Department of Environmental Services

(603) 271-7624


Elizabeth Stone
Office of the Director
Department of Environmental Management

(401) 222-4700 ext. 2422


Jeff Merrell
Environmental Analyst
Department of Environmental Conservation

(802) 272-3656