NEG/ECP Regional Climate Change Initiatives


Introductory Webinar

A webinar introducing the NEG/ECP and the Regional Climate Change Initiative was offered in March. The presentation and webinar provided a high-level overview of the process and options under consideration, and describe the opportunities to provide input that will be considered in the development process.

Reference Documents

Potential actions for the eleven jurisdictions of the NEG/ECP region to consider for inclusion in a 2017 Regional Climate Action Plan. The items included in the documents below were identified during 2016 by staff from the NEG/ECP region and will be vetted through a more inclusive, collaborative process in the first half of 2017. 

Regional GHG Emissions Reduction Options Compendium: Identifies the regionally significant emissions reduction options for sectors that were identified in 2016.

Topic-Specific Materials

  • Cross-Cutting: Options that affect multiple sectors
  • Government Leadership by Example: Options that reduce GHG emissions from government facilities, fleets and operations
  • Energy Supply and Transmission: Options that deal with centralized electricity generation, the transmission of electricity and natural gas, and delivered heating fuels
  • End-Use and Distributed Energy: Options that increase energy efficiency and conservation and the deployment of distributed energy resources in buildings and industry (thermal and electric)
  • Transportation: Options that address transportation choices and accessibility, vehicle technology and fuels
  • Natural Resources: Options that enhance the amount of carbon being captured and stored in agricultural and forested lands and other natural systems, and that encourage sustainable materials management