Paul R. LePage, Governor

Paul LePage began his second term as the Governor of Maine on January 7, 2015.  

Governor LePage’s goal is for Maine to choose prosperity over poverty for all its families through actions that lead to better jobs, lower taxes for families and businesses, transitioning from welfare to jobs, and a reformed government that is smaller and smarter.  He is continuing initiatives to improve the state’s infrastructure; build a better business climate; lower energy costs; reform taxes; strengthen fiscal responsibility, transparency and accountability; reform public education administration; and address domestic violence and youth drug abuse.

Prior to his election, Governor LePage was a successful businessman and served as mayor of Waterville since 2003.  As mayor, his management resulted in the town being able to lower taxes; significantly increase the “rainy day” savings fund, eliminate waste and increase efficiency – all while keeping services intact.  He was general manager of Marden’s Surplus and Salvage, one of the state’s best-known retail establishments.  He also founded the private management consultancy firm, LePage and Kasevich which focused on growing private businesses in unique markets. 

Governor LePage was born in 1948.  Faced with considerable personal and financial challenges from an early age, he has supported himself through a variety of jobs.  He worked his way through college, and in 1971 earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Husson University in Bangor where he was also editor of the college newspaper.  He later earned his MBA from the University of Maine.  He and his wife Ann have four adult children.